What We Use

In the Shop

We use the following tools in the shop to deliver our customers the very best experience and service.

Stringing Machine

We use a Spinfire Blaze (Alpha Apex Speed) machine with optional automatic base clamps and advanced WISE 2086 electronic constant pull tension head.  With this setup we can accomodate any type of string and tension a customer might request, and produce a professional and consistent results every time. Additionally we are able to delivery stringing based on the Sergetti advanced method.

Measurement and Customisation Tools

  • Stringing machine calibration: WISE 2090 Precision Calibrator
  • Swingweight: Alpha AccuSwing 2
  • Dynamic string tension: Gamma ATS ERT 300 Tenniscomputer
  • Racket balance: Alpha balance board


Naturally only the very best products are selected and used for our customers. Do to local supplies we generally import most of our stock from overseas suppliers to get exactly what we (and our customers) want.

On the Court