A retail racket should be considered a starting point for what it can deliver to you and your style of play. By altering the rackets specifications you can fine tune specific characteristics to maximise your game.

For intermediate and advanced players, or string breakers, we recommend that players have at least two of the same racket. This ensures that in your bag is another (familiar) racket to take on court, and play confidently with. For these customers, consider that even rackets of the same model will normally be different, due to manufacturing tolerances. We have seen this be as much as 30 grams difference between two rackets purchased at the same time. To put that in to perspective 30 grams of weight is the difference between a brands light and pro models and will greatly affect the feel and playability of the frame.

Benefits of Customisation

The benefits that can be realised through customisation include:

  • More power for both serves and groundstrokes.
  • More comfortable feel and plow-through.
  • Increased stability on volleys and off centre contact.
  • Matching multiple rackets to a common set of specifications.