Sergetti Tension Sheet


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Play better, longer! Gecko Tennis is proud to offer the Sergetti stringing process to our customers.

Springing from 12 years of research and development, the Sergetti stringing process takes into account over 50 variables to calculate and assign a unique and perfect tension to each string. The outcome of this is:

  • Sweet spot size: Optimal margin for error
  • Precision: Reach your target more often
  • Power and racquet stability on off-centre hits
  • Torsion, shock and vibration reduction at impact
  • Lessening of the risk of injuries
  • Comfort: Softer feeling at impact
  • Tension maintenance: 3 times longer
  • String durability: Up to 2.5 times
  • Overall racquet performance

Note: Provided that you use the same racket, string and tension the sheet that you will receive can be reused for future stringing (you don’t need to repurchase).


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