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HEADing in the right direction with Gravity

Head has recently introduce a new racket like, Gravity. Visually it shares a lot of similarities with the original Head Youtek Speed, with the more oval shaped head toward the upper hoop. Another major change of approach with the Gravity line is the stiffness and flex characteristics. The Gravity rackets have either a 20 mm (Pro) or 22 mm (MP) straight beam and a strung stiffness rating of around 62 RA. That’s on the low side by todays standards!

Speaking of the stiffness for a moment. I strung the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP for Suzanne, with Babolat Xcel Brench Open 16 @ 52 lb (using the Sergetti method). When I gave her the racket to do the obligatory initial bounce test she said “wow, this feels really soft and flexible, like the Prince Phantom”, referring to the Prince Phantom Pro 100 specifically. That is one hell of a comparison, with the Prince Phantom range being unquestionably the most flexible rackets (other than classic wood rackets) that I’ve ever experienced.

I’ve been trialing the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro, the heavier and more head-light 18×20 in the line. I tend to find that the tighter string pattern lowers the launch angel too much (I’ve become accustomed to 16×19 patterns in the last couple of years). Not so with the Gravity Pro. Net clearance is lower, but only slightly, and very manageable.

I strung my racket with my current go to poly hybrid of Völkl Cyclone 17 Black mains and Yonex Poly Tour Fire 125 crosses, at 48 lb using the Sergetti method. The power level is still very good, tons of put away power. Slice stays nice and low, very dirty.

What’s often interesting trialing a new racket is the comments and feedback you get from playing partners and opponents. I have a powerful game so I’m never surprised with comments about power. But with this racket it’s the spin that has been the surprise feedback. Another solid player I regularly play with commented that “the spin off that thing is like a neutron star”. You can really hear the “rip” on the ball when you give it some Nadal treatment. Combined with the power, and that spin, I was seeing the balls basically overcoming him at net, and not coming off his racket.

Directional control also seems very natural. I don’t find myself thinking about the shot at all, it is one of that rackets just seems to understand me. As yet I’ve not had the opportunity to serve with this stick. But based on the other characteristics I’m not envisaging any issues.

I can see myself sticking with this for a while. Could even be the racket that knocks the Yonex VCORE 98 305 off as my racket of choice.

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